At this point, I am not able to commit to anything more than occasional reviews of newsletter recommendations as they come into my inbox.

This is obviously a non-exhaustive list, and I don’t expect to be covering every recommendation they make. But this is an attempt to capture some of their recommendations, over time, “unfiltered” (as opposed to how they might portray their earnings rankings on their sites, or as they quote their historical results on their websites.

As I get their newsletters in my emails, and as I have time to do so, I attempt to capture a current market condition for each of their recommendations on the day it comes in.

In this way, you can see how some of their recommendations do. As I can capture them, I will make note of any discrepancies between what I capture and what they later “revise post-partum” to “boost” their historical snapshots of their own rankings.

Time will tell how they do.